Wisconsin Elections Commission unanimously rejects challenge to Tim Michels’ nominating petition

The Wisconsin Elections Commission voted unanimously Friday to reject a challenge that sought to keep Republican Tim Michels’ name off the ballot for governor. The 6-0 vote was noteworthy from a commission split 3-3 between Republicans and Democrats, but the decision could still be appealed in court. Democrats asked commissioners to strike 3,516 of Michels’ … Read more

A legacy of past choices: Milwaukee’s housing crisis explained

Rising rent, stagnant wages and a lack of available units have left Milwaukeeans navigating an affordable housing crisis. This crisis, say local housing experts, is a legacy of the city’s past policy choices. Although Milwaukee County was recently recognized for counting the nation’s lowest total of unsheltered people per-capita, it has also been center stage … Read more

Wisconsin’s PFAS standards are on track to take effect. What happens next?

Wisconsin will likely see its first standards for so-called forever chemicals known as PFAS now that Wisconsin Republicans have posed no objects to the rules. An aid for Republican Sen. Steve Nass, who chairs the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules, told the Associated Press Monday that the committee would allow the Wisconsin Department … Read more

Eau Claire City Council set to vote on $65M bottled water proposal

The Eau Claire City Council is set to vote Tuesday on a bottled water company’s plan to build a $65 million plant that would draw from the city’s water supply. Supporters say the facility would provide dozens of good-paying jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue, while opponents fear it will deplete water resources … Read more

New Madison program wants to destigmatize, expand access to mental health services for Latino community

Nancy Gomez knows the need for mental health services existed before the pandemic and has since only grown. But, especially for the Latino community, she said it all comes down to access. She wants people to get the help they need, but what if they don’t speak English? What if they’re ashamed of their needs? … Read more

Our extended family of plants, animals and soil

What changes when we don’t think of humans as the center of everything, or the most special, or the smartest beings on the planet? If you take this idea seriously, there are huge ethical implications. The natural world isn’t just full of resources to be extracted or exploited — animals and plants, even rocks and … Read more

Weekend Roundup: Appleton North student creates club for poetry as activism

Mya Koffie is a junior at Appleton North High School, where she founded and leads the school’s poetry club. She says poetry is how she’s able to feel brave while so much in today’s world weighs on students like her. “In writing, I find a way to exist in a way the present moment does … Read more

Enbridge expert says gas prices would go up a half-cent per gallon if Line 5 were shut down

Opponents of Enbridge’s Line 5 oil and gas pipeline say the Canadian energy firm has been wrongfully claiming gas prices will further skyrocket in Wisconsin and Michigan if Line 5 is shut down, while company officials say economics extend beyond prices at the impact pump. The pipeline carries up to 23 million gallons of oil … Read more

A vaccine for kids under 5 could roll out this month — but Wisconsin’s youngest are getting sick while they wait

The first illness that Jennifer Hebl’s now 9-month-old daughter Emelia ever got was COVID-19. “There was one day where I was just sitting with her in my room. She was crying, you could tell she was feeling just terrible, and I started crying with her because this is the only way we can really communicate … Read more

Renewable energy groups seek clarity on financing tool that makes solar systems more affordable

A pair of renewable energy groups is asking state regulators to declare solar installers that lease solar systems to customers are not regulated public utilities under state law. The Midwest Renewable Energy Association and Vote Solar filed petitions in late May with the Public Service Commission. They asked regulators to issue a ruling that third-party … Read more