Allergy specialist tackles myths, questions about allergies and their treatments

Don’t let the April snowstorms fool you: Allergy season is upon us. The sneeze. The itchy eyes. The runny noses. More than 50 million Americans deal with allergies each year, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. For a condition that affects so many, some myths about spread as easily as pollen … Read more

Lizard Mound will be Wisconsin’s newest state park

Wisconsin will soon have a new state park. Kind of. While the 22-acre Lizard Mound Park in Farmington was first designated as a state park in 1950, the property has been owned and managed by Washington County since 1980. But earlier this month, the park was transferred back to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources … Read more

Exit interview: UW-Madison chancellor discusses faculty retention, politics and funding

Outgoing University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank said after being in “deep trouble” in 2015, the university today is in “very strong shape” when it comes to attracting and retaining faculty. Policy changes through the state Legislature on tenure from around that time left university officials concerned about other schools poaching UW-Madison’s top professors. But … Read more

UW-Madison moves forward with overhaul of Farm and Industry Short Course

Cheri Klussendorf graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Farm and Industry Short Course in 2002. The 16-week on-campus certificate program is where she met her husband, Ryan, and where she decided to take a chance on dairy farming. “I came from a dairy farm background but had no intentions of wanting to farm,” Klussendorf said. … Read more

NIST and the Titanic: How the Sinking of the Ship Improved Wireless Communications for Navigating the Sea

If you’ve seen the movie Titanic starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, then you’ve watched the star-crossed lovers’ untimely end and the tragic sinking of the Royal Mail Ship (RMS) Titanic. What the movie didn’t show is that radio played a role in the ship’s communication efforts — though it lacked standards that could have … Read more

Something Weird And Freaky Happened to Our Radio A Long Time Ago. What Could Have Caused It? : radio

Hey y’all, I’ve seen posts here in this subreddit about strange radio phenomena (ie: Radios playing Morse code/Buzzer stations playing music for some strange reason) so I thought I’d contribute with a weird story of my own that happened to my brother and me ages ago. I want to know basically if there could be … Read more

Gov. Tony Evers vetoes GOP election, gun bills

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has vetoed dozens of Republican-authorized bills covering a wide range of Republican priorities, from making it more difficult to vote absentee in Wisconsin to making it easier to legally carry concealed guns. Evers also rejected several bills that would have spelled out how he should spend an influx of federal money … Read more

‘We’re just trying to live’: Trans youth, families in Wisconsin struggle in contentious political environment

Bailey Mosling considers himself Wisconsin’s premier drag teen. At home on a recent Friday afternoon, he showed off a pink motorized toy truck he’s decorating to use for his 16th birthday drag show later this month. On stage, he goes by the name of Nemo. “My performances are thought out and have a storyline and … Read more